Ruin of a Fiction

Video Full HD, 9’55” and mixmedia installation, 2021

Still from Video Full HD, 9’55”, 2021

    In a totally artificial world, reminiscent of 70s and 80s science-fiction movies, a fantasy rocky character is musing on the films he has seen and that have shaped his memories.

In Robert Smithson’s Artforum article A Cinematic Atopia. Towards the Development of a Cinema Cavern,  the artist describes the cinematographic images hidden in our unconscious like “elsewheres”. Such concept is highly relevant if we bridged it to our contemporary
time where, I believe, cinematic mirages, like ghosts, are becoming more and
more present in our ordinary reality. The concept of “elsewhere” is suggested as an unspecified place buried in the cinematic memory of the viewer.

My film is an investigation into the arche- ology of obsolete film special effects, by evoking “cinematographic elsewheres” It aims to be a tribute to the special effects pre CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), giving priority to that crafty aspect that was always present in the movies of the time - almost like a performance of the materials in front of the camera.

Still from Video Full HD, 9’55”, 2021

View of the installation, PuntWG, Amsterdam, 2021