Other works and notes

Effetto Majorana (La Solfatara, recording of disappearance)
Giovanni Giaretta / Renato Leotta
16 mm film
01’19” loop

The video documents an exercise in disappearance in space.
An attempt to use the geological features of a landscape as a rudimental special effect.

Untitled (Misteri d’Italia)
06’07” loop

The video “Untitled (misteri d’Italia)” shows a number of people interacting
with the optical phenomenon of  the “gravity hill”.
A street where things appear to defy gravity, seemingly rolling uphill and not down.
The work is based on found footage and the editing underlies the relation between
ordinary objects and this illusionary aspect of the landscape.


Study for a drawing (completed by its own shadow)
C-print, 25x35 cm

The uncanny parrot
C-print, 40x40 cm

The image captures the moment in which a parrot recognises itself in a mirror.